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Gloriosa Lily Tubers

Gloriosa superba lily tubers are available
from June through to January.
They flower approximately two months from planting.
They are a climbing lily and are best staked
if there is no other form of support.

Gloriosa lilies are grown for:

commercial cut flower crops
Their culture is similar to Sandersonias and
three crops are year are possible.

as a flowering pot plant

as an outdoor garden plant

If grown outdoors they like
sheltered sunny / semi shaded positions.
They grow best in well drained soil and like
very warm humid temperatures(18 to just over 30 degrees C )
Outdoor planting can commence in early November
and continue through to early February.

Full growing instructions accompany all orders.

Our gloriosa lilies are available as mixed colours
which include yellows, reds, and pinks.
They are sold as "flowering size" tubers
or as "growing on size" tubers.



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