Gloriosa Lilies
'bringing loose, light form of unequaled grace and poise to all floral work.'

Te Oranga Gloriosas
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Maungatapere, Northland, NZ.
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Stem of Gloriosa Gloriosa Lilies are
the national flower emblem of Zambia.

Their cut flower stems last well in summer heat
and their buds continue to open long after picking.

The bright, vibrant and intense,red, gold, lemon
and pink flower colours and the lush green
leaves of Gloriosa lilies bring a sense of the
tropics or festivity to a room.

They combine well with many other flowers
from roses to halicones.
Posy of Gloriosa blooms Gloriosa blooms make perfect posies
for the office desk, bedside cabinets,
or small tables and shelves.

The stiff stems of Gloriosa and their
ability to hold their form out of water for a long time
make them ideal for use in lae work or
out of water floral installation work.

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