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A day in a potters life.

The best day is kiln opening day ... Its like Xmas morning when you are a kid!
The culimation of a lot of weeks of work - did it work did it not?



Then there is the mystery of meeting new students and the challenge of getting them
started and excited  in the art of moving clay or the surprise of finding and joining potters
at work in the strangest of places as I sail around the world, like The Saints,in the Caribbean.



While I have the skills to produce traditional shapes and can custom make what ever is requested my "own" work is from the heart - original and from my own hands and is expressing whatever my passion or inner feelings are at that time.

Jug forms, spiral forms, landforms and strata, and nature's patterns always fascinate me.




 If you would like to be notified as new work as it becomes available 
 please send your Email address: to Janet at EarthBound Pottery.     











The artist's back ground


Janet Hyde  (nee Hooper) was born and raised on the family sheep and cattle farm near Waverley, South Taranaki.

Creative pursuits and a love of various art forms were encouraged at an early age by teachers and her family: music, ballet, painting and writing .

Janet married a farmer and lived on various farms in the South Taranaki then Southern Hawkes Bay areas before the family moved North to a small farm near Whangarei in the late 1980,s.

To supplement farming income Janet worked  for various  business's from exporting Norsewear knitwear to USA and Japan to managing an export fish packing house processing oysters and other  shellfish  in Whangarei for several years !

Formal art study was undertaken at the Northland Polytechnic from  1989 - 1992 .Four full time years of study culminated in a Diploma of Applied Arts with pottery as a major.

The next 10 years were spent building / developing a bare block of 10 acres into a home , a diverse horticultural business of cut flowers and orchards, as well as the EarthBound Pottery workshop and studio.

Over the last four years Janet has been sailing between the hurricane seasons from Florida USA to Fiji which is why the EarthBound pottery classes are now seasonal , from October to late March each year.

Janet has preferred working on large scale handbuilt & sculptural works to wheel work because the whole body is utilised- as a dancer’s is but more recently has turned to thrown and altered wheel work.

Past works 


 1990s - the era of  large sculptural vessels

“Capturing the essence of ‘real New Zealand or a New Zealander ‘ has always involved me in my most satisfying work. While not touching so directly or closely on the day to day lives of many people living in New Zealand cities today , the work that goes on on the land remains the economic “life blood”  / “backbone”  /  “heartland” of the country.In this quest I draw on my first hand lifelong experience with the land , the people who work the land and the products this land yields.” 

1995 - 2005 - Filling the shelves of the new studio



something for every one !



2007 onwards: the wind the seas and the sky








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